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Just so you guys can get a feel for me....some of you know who I am, but to give you an idea of how highly I think of my new 6 I sold my old classic SE-R last weekend and bought a 6 the next day. My SE-R had been run into the ground from NOS and other assorted crap...I had been tuning the car for 3 years and my best run was a this is not bullshit, those of you that know how SE-R respond to mods should know....Anyway, I buy this 6, it is gorgeous...I promised myself, no racing, don't do what you did to the last car...this car is too sexy to blow up.....So I get back to school 2 days after I buy the car, never pushed her past 5k RPM....I stop at a stop light and a early 90's Grand Am V-6 pulls up. He had the usually trashy Honda shit on it (2 million stickers) He starts revving his engine at me...Out of pure instinct is rev back...Old habits are hard to break, especially when you owned the king of all sleepers for so long....Light turns green, within one block I was 2 car lengths ahead and not even in 3rd yet....I just let off. He caught me at the next light and I tried to be cool.....Asked him what he had done to it.....The prick rolls up his window...I thought, screw it.....You know, I am really glad you guys talked me into buying this car, and my proposal to not race has gone flying out the window.....I order my NX kit earlier today, should be waxing ass in a few day......Sorry it was so long, but the first kill in a new car is always fun......
Tony Jordan
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