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I was looking at buying a '94 mx6 and wondering if somebody could give me a list or idea of what appearce mods I could or should do. Please post a price and pic(if possible). Thanks.

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Sorry Bud, but you gotta do the leg work, just do a search, you will find everything you could possibly want and more importantly afford.
Good luck!

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you could, essentially do anything to an mx6 that you could do to any other imports. check out the pics board.

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Erebuni shogun body kit cost avg $1200 plus labor to mold it on 1000-2000 avg. try Spoiler ECT. too
the other erebuni body kit like Jorge(silver color on here)
TC Spoiler Body kit cost of kit 500 off of here in the bulk buy forum.
MAzda Speed Body Kit dont know about price or how it fits.
Take a kit from another car and mold it on yours( that is high dollar)
rims just depends on size and tires
sprigns or Coilover ( GC Coilover are the greatest thing for the 6)
tint (what ever kind you want)
wings just depends on where you get it and if you have a stock spoiler on already.
clear side markers or maybe it is corners
j-spec head lights 600 a pair
super white head lights bulbs what ever brand you wish to buy (9004)
super white corners( 1157)

interior mods are endless!!!! good luck
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