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wrecking mx6 parts for sale or whole car

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wrecking mx6 1989 gd1021 location brisbane 0413404492 most parts all still there turbo motor transmission etc trims cheap
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is the transmission auto or manual
Hey mate how much for the turbo and how many kms on it? condition??


Cam :)
where abouts in brisbane are u located? what rims does it have and also what colour is it?
the car done 270000km well it ran aight before my friend sold it to me vehicle has sitting for approx 9 months
cam_87 if interested offer a price
its a auto if it was manual wouldnt sell the box
any idea on the exhaust setup?
sorry bud exhaust system gone
is the car champagne silver by any chance? if it is, ill take the front bar off you if you have it. sick of my cooler being on much would you take?
ah k yeh pretty much same km's as mine I wont worry about it. Oh if its champage silver do you still have the boot lid and if so what condition is it in and the paint?
how much for the torque converter to be sent to 2770 tregear and is it turbo or none turbo
front bar stuffed middle damaged
ya do u want the whole auto or just the converter, it is turbo has sorry the turbo done 230000km i want $100 for the whole turbo dump oil lines manifold heat shields etc
alos have headlights $40 each, taillights $50 ( boot lid and left and right lenses) early style ones, steering rack $100, abs module $50, cruise control complete $100 interior$350, sunroof left and right front fender $30each vehicle is red anything else plz email or call 0413404492
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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