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hey sup
i have just bought a 1988 626 2.2 Turbo with 112 000 ks on it
i have wound the boost to 11 psi and modified the stock BOV so it vents into the engine bay
it has a rough idel but dosnt back fire at all

i am getting a 2 1/2 inch mandral bent exhuast with a 3 inch down pipe from the turbo
and a saab 9000 intercooler heaps bigger

i have heard mixed things about the WRX turbo and RX7 turbos
as i can get both of these relativly cheap
do the both bolt straghit on ??
which would be the best in terms of lag ect
how much boost can a stock bottom end take ???
how much power can the stock box and clutch take ??

what aftermarket computer can i use ??
if i get one with ignition that alows direct fire would that be better ??
or a fuel only one
as a chip in oz costs around 750 and a fuel only computer cost about the same
any help thanks
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