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Looking for the back seat uprights and complete front seat factory upholstery in blue. This will require removing the seats, unbolting the bottom cushion from the rest, removing the metal mounting rings and pulling off the upholstery.

I have managed to piece together a full blue interior, unfortunately the backs seat uprights have grinder spark burns on them and the fronts are from an 88-89 MX6 GT with the hideous corduroy pattern and doesn't match the door skins or the back seats.

Shipping anything anywhere lately has gotten very expensive which is why I just what the upholstery and not the whole seats.

So if anyone comes across a 1988/89 626 4 or 5 door lx or gt with blue interior at a junk yard and wants to make some money or trade for custom 1st gen F2T parts let me know.

Also need the plastic blue lip that sits just below the trunk lid, (it holds the carpet that covers the tail lights in place) and some blue plastic interior panel retaining tabs (the ones you pull the center back to remove the tabs) that hold the front kick panels and trunk upholstery over the strut tower. I used to have a bunch but years ago the body shop next door found them in my shop, stole them and used them.

Vehicle Car Window Steering wheel Plant

Above is the upholstery pattern and panel tabs I am looking for. The tabs are in the foot well holding the darker blue panels in place.
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