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WTB 1st gen Igniter, Melb

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I am in need of an igniter for a F2T, I'm in Melbourne, preferably western or northern suburbs.
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Pretty sure you need a coil too brent, or did you end up getting one?

If not you pretty much need everything attached to the bracket that goes on the strut tower. If i go to the wreckers on the weekend i'll get ya one.
Oh thanks heaps Jesse, I searched the wreckers on my side of town and I found not one single F2T. I hope I dont need too many more F2T parts in the future, there are none over here.

If you do get one I will pick it up from you when I come and pick up my other stuff from you.

P.S. I alredy (in the mail) have an msd blaster 2 coil, no bracket though, couldnt be too hard to make one
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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