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WTB: 2nd Gen. MX6 LS Parts

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Sorry for the absence everyone. The 6 went down and had to buy a new car. Of course, it was a Honda. Yet, I missed the 6, so I'm selling the Honda and fixing the Mazda. In order to do that I need parts. So, here's a list of parts I need.

Want To Buy:​

  1. Front Driver and Passenger Side Fender ( Color, doesn't matter )
  2. 4 tires ( will fit on stock rims ) [ Upgrading later ]
  3. Automatic Shifter Knob ( need all the hardware )
  4. Driver Side Door Panel ( Car has A/W, A/M )
  5. Trunk Latch cover
  6. Fuel Latch Cover
  7. Trunk support shocks
  8. Front Bumper (or an Invader Kit)

There may be more items needed. Will update as new parts are found to be needed.

I'm in college, about 1 1/2 hours from home, which is where the car is.

If anyone can help me find the parts, I will greatly appreciate it. Cheap ones, appreciated even more. ( Seeing as how I am in college and everything ).

Linn State Technical College - Automotive and Light Duty Diesel Student

PM's welcome.
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I probably have everything except for the trunk latch supports. I think I have the shift assy in storage and the rest of it I have on a 95ls with mtx. Question about the door panel. Do you want the actual door shell or just the interior panel. Also, would it need to be "loaded" or can you get by with a bare shell? Hit me up with a number that works for you. Shipping the large stuff won't be inexpensive, so take that into consideration.
That's fine. How much for everything shipped to 65536?

I just need the door panel. Tan would be beneficial.

I am tryin to think of what else I would need.

  1. Passenger Door Panel
  2. Aftermarket Head Unit

That's all, I think. For now.

Just let me know how much all that, and shipping would be.
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I'll get some pics of the parts posted (tomorrow) and then we'll talk prices.
Sounds good. Will be looking forward to the pics.

The right fender has some small dents, but nothing huge. The front tires (on the red car) are like new and the rears are about 40%. If you mean the actual levers for the fuel door and trunk release, I have those as well. I couldn't find the shifter lever although I KNOW I had one in a box someplace. I don't have the strong arms.
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Awesome. Figure out how much shipping would be to 65536. All that will work perfect.

Tires - Are you selling rims with/without?
Fenders - Dents don't really matter. The ones on my '6' right now are rolled where it meets the door.
Covers - The trunk latch cover isn't what I was needing. I probably called it the wrong thing. I need the fuel/trunk latch cover, And the plastic pieces that go ON the latches themselves.
Front Bumper - I also need the fog lights.

I plan on dropping in a KLZE or a rebuild of the stock motor. Probably bore it out, and get bigger pistons, low comp rods, and a turbo.

Any ideas?
I would sell the tires with or without rims (up to you). I was thinking $60 plus shipping for the tires (costs about $50 to ship 4 tires). If you want the rims figure another $130, so $110 shipped for the tires or $240 shipped for tires and rims. Figure $70 shipped PER fender, $120 shipped on the front bumper assy WITH the fog lights. $75 including shipping for the door cards (window switch will not be included). Figure $15 shipped for the trunk latch lever cover and the black fuel and trunk release levers.
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