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Alright guys.... Help me out here, I live in RI so please... no CA cars... cuz there is no way id make it home from there... lol

I am looking for a 88-92 Mazda Mx6. Turbo, non-turbo... i dont really care!

The car is going to be gutted and all wiring and parts from my PGT will be swapped in. I would liek to build this car for the track... so a cosmetically good interior is NOT needed. All I ask is that there is no frame rot/rust, and no rear 1/4 damage... including rust.

i dont care if its got rotted front fenders.... they are replaceable

I am looking for something relatively close to the New England area, I prefer that the car is running, and driveable... Just makes it easier for me to come pick it up.

Shoot me some pics, prices and such to [email protected]

and please.... help out a fellow F2T tuner!!!!!!!!!11!!1!11one
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