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WTB: 90-92 Turbo Parts

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I need quite a few things, I'd rather purchase everything from one person so if someone can get they're hands on the stuff.. It'd be helpeful =]

90-92 Turbo Parts

*Engine Harness
*Water Outlet Housing & thermostate housing (With or without sensors) would prefer with tho
*Factory Intake Piping (or HKS kit if anyone still has one, hks ssqv on it would be a big plus)
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If u want the 90 to 92 disty i have it ill trade it let me know.
PM sent...
Give me the 88 89 and youll have the 90 to 92 disty.
I have a set of injectors if you still need them.

*edit* - o u r banzord
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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