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WTB: 94 MTX Wiring Harness

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Everything with fuse box and all plugs / wires in good shape.
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i got 1 from a 94 probe mtx not sure if it's 100% the same let me know if intrested~
No thanks
I sent one out to a guy and it turns out he needs the eng. harness, but NOT the underhood fusebox harness. So, if you want the fusebox harness from a 95LS with mtx, I can sell it to you as soon as it gets shipped back here. Should be sometime this week.
- Mike
Is that going to work on the ODBI?
Without any issue, jury rigging, or gotcha's?
That one should be straightforward. Its the other two that normally give people fits.
What are the other two?

By two do you mean the engine harness itself, because they connect to each other.
The engine harness and ecu harness both connect at points to the underhood main harness. However, I believe both of those harnesses only pickup power from and I think those hookups are standard.
Did you get this back yet?
Not yet. Also, I'll be gone until Monday, so I won't know between now and then either.
Anyone else I really need a 94 MTX under the engine harness.

1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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