Hello, I am looking for mx6 online almost everywhere. There is not much options for me under 100k. There is only two I find that are for sell and both of them are more than 100k in us and not in good condition. So I just find the specific car forum and want to try and see if I can find one with low mileage. It is just a me problem which I don't want own a car above 100k.. if Its a modern car I only see those below 30k listings but old old cars maybe 10k.

It is weird how people can find listings on mx6 because so far there is really not that much I can find. I am pretty much ok to find a flight to pick up if I can find one. Really want to try v6 Mazda since I don't think Mazda will do v6 sedan or coupe anymore. but I am not in a hurry, its more like "there is a cheap v6 coupe and I am a Mazda fan, lets get one why not" thinking. Was planning on rx7, maybe I will just push it to next year.

So if anyone willing to sell or plan to sell in the future in United States I would really love to know.