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WTB: control arm bushing

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I am in need of the front control arm bushing on the driver's side. I went to the junk yard yesterday and found that it was quite difficult to get it out of the control arm. It would be nice to have a relatively new one, but any bushing that is in good condition will do. If anything else, I will need to get an entire loaded control arm if I can (a) find one with good bushings/ball joint and (b) get it cheap enough.

Thanks for any replies!

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Best bet is to look at Rock auto, but then you will need to have them pressed in.

Have a look on Ebay, usually the pair of complete control arms can be had for <$100
The bushing is pressed in? there is one on ebay for $28...are you talking about the bushing?
ya the bushing.

But if you can the control arm with both bushing already installed is better.... no?
you're right...that would be better. That makes sense though, because when I went to the junk yard on friday, it was a real bitch to get the bushing I guess I'll have to get an entire control arm...hopefully I can find one with a good ball joint in it. Otherwise if anyone has a loaded control arm, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks, ribbie
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I was pretty sure all of that was covered already, but thanks.
I bought control arms from eBay for $35 each. Total shipping was about $18. They were listed for 626.
yessir those are the ones I am taking about!!!
Well, I just went to the junk yard yesterday and got one. I never even saw the ones you are talking about on ebay. It's okay though, I talked the guy down to $25. Good shape, too. Thanks!
FYI, control arm bushings are like $10 each.

A vice, punch, a propane torch and a hammer will get them out. Putting them back in, squeeze them with the vice.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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