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WTB: DE 2.5 v6 motor

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lookin for a good strong running DE motor i think mines on its way out
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Well...I've got pieces...I have the block, pistons, one cylinder head, and all the hardware/bearings for it as well. One of the cylinder heads had an issue...I was going to just scrap it, but if you want any of the parts...What makes you think yours is on its way out?
I'm getting ready to order a ZE. If you want to pay shipping from Edwards AFB and can wait a few weeks, you can have my old DE for a minimal fee. It ran great, passed smog and all. There was a small leak of some sort but that's to be expected with 150k miles on it. I actually suspect its power-steering fluid. Haven't bothered to figure it out since it's all getting ripped out anyways :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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