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I have a 94 MX6 2.5LV6 5 speed that needs a Driver's side Lower Control Arm because the crappy Dorman metallurgy of their ball joints make them wear out in less than 6000 miles. This is the third Dorman LCA that has worn out the ball joint in less than 6000 miles. Just my experience. Use Dorman at your own risk.

Anyway, I want to replace the Driver's LCA. Moog makes an excellent one with a grease-able ball joint, but it is $100. I don't drive the car that much anymore. So putting a $100 LCA seems foolish.

Just thought someone might have a good Driver's LCA they might be willing to sale for cheap.

I of course would pay shipping:

Knoxville, TN 37922.

The car has 196,000 miles on it and still run like new. I have had it since 1997 and can't seem to get rid of it. LOL.

Anyway, if anyone can help, I would appreciate it.

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