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WTB Mx6 gauge pod

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as it says im looking for a two or three holed gauge pod for my mx6 or for someone to show me where i can get them at
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first or second gen??? i have one that fits a second gen in black (3 gauge) if this is what you need

[email protected]
I got a two guage pod.
I also need a gauge pod for my car. It's a 1st gen and I need one that fits 2 gauges. Any Ideas of where I can find one that will fit nicely. I have heard that the 5.0 mustang gauge pods will fit the first gens decent but im not sure if it's true. . . . .
I have one for sale that is aready molded In to a piller (with fiberglass And bondo ) And coated with truck bed linner. It is a dual pod for a frist gen..... I had it in my car but I made a new one with 3 pods ...... So i no longer need this one anymore .... If anyone would like more info plz pm me .... I have a few pics but dont know how to post them
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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