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WTB Pa/NJ Area 88-92 MX6 GT or 93-97 LS

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My first car was a 88 MX6 GT, and I loved it. Every since I have never found another 1. I had a 93 MX6 but it was auto and I didn't like it so I sold it. I been driving Acura's and Honda's every since and though I am a Honda lover, I miss having a 6. I'm looking for a 88-92 MX6 GT, or 93-97 MX6 LS. Must be 5spd. If u wanna trade for my 93 Honda Accord LX 5spd we can do that. If not shoot me a price. My aim is SmGeez, and my Yahoo is DaBull2003. My email is [email protected] please let me know what u got.
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Mine is for sale, see below for mods.
email me at [email protected]. got one i'm trying to get rid of for about $1,400
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