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WTB rare M/s struts

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well corksport did sell them but they say HQ of m/s in japan is out of them any 1 know where else 2 find these puppies;) will give good karma~

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i dont know where we can find them, but if you find 2 sets, im a buyer too, damn i was looking for exactly those kind of shocks... M/s= Mazda speed, right?
^ I had a dog & his name was bingo~
lol smarta$$
love you 2 john!
hmm next weekend ill have alot of money lol sooo i was thinkin sometime to come out there and grab some stuff lol prolly sunday morning cause its my bday so ill be busy later on in the day but msg me on msn man we will talk more *hoping you still have everything* haha
haha well i will wish you a happy b-day on sunday sounds good 2 me man give me a call before you head up here yeah i still got everything sitting in the box in my room~ see you soon~
I just found out in order for me to find these suxers i gotta find a mazdaspeed dealership in the US or call Mazdaspeed dealer in Japan lol....... fack whyyyyyyyyyy~
should just call and find out lol
Call Omar @ KhanMotorSport

Specialist in MazdaSpeed
should just call and find out lol
Call Omar @ KhanMotorSport

Specialist in MazdaSpeed
umm i dont have the number 2 head office in japan LOL i might be able 2 get it

where is khan motor sport? cant find it on canada411 if you got the number hook me up with the number thx~:angel:
i found these number parts for all mazda suspensions parts and their number ID. the one we are looking is the koni strut (adjustable) and you can add what ever spring (eibach/suspension technic/something else). the strut is a cardrige and you need the socket for it (its all written there).
its really complete and thers alot more

then you have here all the numbers of the mazda motorsport dealers in asia.

MAZDA:Asia Pacific | Distributor List
anyways, pm me if you guys find something else...
i also suggest that u guys call at a koni dealer, and for the cardriges socket, at mazda motorsport.
i already have the part numbers i already contacted c/s they emailed me the part #'s now just finding a dealer that sells them... mazda motor sport is dealt in the US?
i called this place MAZDASPEED MOTORSPORTS DEVELOPMENT - Contact us

they told me if c/s cant get there he doesn't know who else would get them they are the main supplier for m/s products unless I go 2 japan myself? blah b/s
what about just the sockets? they nothing?Not even 8610-1305 sport and 8610-1306 sport? I think that could be of a great help. The struts can be bought from koni directly.
what's the # for koni's?
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