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WTB Some Nicer-Than-Stock Wheels!

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Anything that looks better than the stock wheels, nothing too glitzy, chromed, or spider-like. Simple 5 spoke, 17-18" rims similar to the rx7 wheels, mazda milennia 5 spokes, I like factory style rims but a little bigger in diameter is always nice, this way I can paint my calipers.

Thanks for your time! :p
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I got my 5-spoke chrome millenia rims for sale with decent rubber...
^^^ lol red once again your not reading look what he's posting no chrome!!
lol I wouldn't mind those though, I just like stock factory wheels. If you give me a reasonably good price that we can work with, and maybe a few pics, I'll gladly take them off your hands.

there are a bunch of pics there one of them has minor curb rash but not too noticable and one of the new tires has a slow leak and the other 2 are slowly leaking from the valve stems some of that seal stuff that you buy in a can from crappy tire should fix em up if not its not an expensive fix... I paid 400 and put 200 worth of tires on them so let me know what price you think is fair i'm pretty flexible.
ive got 4 16" tsw stealth wheels...16x8 35mm offset no rubber $300
I have four 16" 1g Eclipse/Talon turbo rims painted bronze with a chrome lip. They are on four all season Pirelli tires, 225-55-16 as far as I remember. I just got them installed on Pirelli's about 3 weeks ago. $160
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