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WTB: Valve Covers & Intake Manifold

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I am getting my Valve Cover & Intake Manifold gaskets done soon and figured that while they covers will be coming off, I can get them chrome plated and powder coated. I would like to find an extra set of valve covers and an extra manifold though so I can get those done and then just swap them over when I get my gaskets done, I can't let the car sit for more than two days because it's my daily ride.

Looking for a price for the set.

Engine is a 2.5L DOHC V6 for a 97 MX-6.

Looking to do this within' the next month. Please send me a private message with your price for front & rear valve covers and an intake manifold. Pictures included would be nice.

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The front vc is different on the later year mx6s because it doesn't have the large crankcase vent tube coming out of it. It can be capped off if you buy an earlier one that does have it.

I'm not sure if earlier and later year mx6s have the same im...make sure to compare that they have the same number of vac lines, etc.
^ I believe Paul is right just doing abit of research & different part numbers are coming up on the system but if your just using it for temp. use & just cap it off shouldn't be a problem~ good luck~
I don't know if your still looking, but I may be able to get them for you.

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it's probably cheaper to source them out locally. i've had people offer me $50-70 plus shipping on intake manifolds only....went locally $50 WITH throttle body (no injectors). Hell, valve covers shouldn't cost more than $10-15ea.

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