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WTF Every morning the 6 Refuses to start when its cold

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I have no idea what to make of this, I took the day off yesterday and added more grounding and fixed every little issue I had put off. I swapped the TB's set the TPS Voltage and fixed the idle, cleaned everything and checked vacuum lines. Took the Rotor and cap off made sure they were good they looked almost new.

Now during the day she does not start when I first try, I give it a quick try and it starts but dies, I try again and she either starts alone or starts with a little gas help.

I have checked the codes and nothing out of the ordinary (Auto Tranny Codes due to the Millenia ECU and EGR Crap).

I was planning on putting a KLDE with ZE cams and IM in the 6 anyway so the wife could drive it but this is getting annoying because of course I have to fix it... and she has to go to work. But I need to figure this out... it has to be something stupid.

Oh while I am thinking about it, I even removed the Fuel Filter and ran it straight as I thought somehow the filter had been distroyed from the 255 in it but it had plenty of gas in it. However as soon as I took it off and linked the lines the car started right up yesterday. I ordered a new one but its not here yet.

So we have Fuel, We have a New Disty as of last year and I checked the cap and rotor, the car starts then dies and now it starts and dies right away.... before it would start and run a sec max and then shut off.

--Well I just jumped the F/P and GND and took off the FPR and tons of fuel so its not that... it is now doing the start and die then sputter then start and die gas or no gas it does this... I am starting to think the Disty may have been new but its bad.

--Well I swapped the disty off the other Probe of my roommates and it started although the idle has a slight up and down. But I do not think this is the solution... I still think tomorrow it will do it again. We shall wait and see.....

However on another note I did not need that fuel filter obviously but of course there is something else. I took the Rotor off my disty as it was in much better shape. Went to test my Disty on his probe and the rotor does not fit.... I swear its always something.
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This morning its not as cold but the same thing. Car started right up yesterday in normal weather but today it sputters but no starting.... I am yet again pissed I now have a old blanket on it and a heating pad trying to warm it up..... WTF is with this damn thing that it hates cold weather.... I can not figure it out to many things have been replaced.

Oh and we started up the probe with the old disty and she fired right up. I have not tried this morning on it as well... it has no exhaust lol

SO I just tried again... this time pulsing the gas I got it to 3k right on start and then it just died... and it did it 3 times and this was just lightly pulsing the gas. I could bring it back but after I heard it back fire I just said to hell with it and put the blanket back over the motor... This is getting too weird I have no idea what to make of it.

I was thinking about doing a compression test just to see the motors condition.
my car did that when it was out of gas. (the gauge read 1/4 tank left)

do you have a pressure gauge, to see how much pressure at the rail you're building?
Is this the car with MS? My cranking fuel is all messed up. I have to apply light pedal pressure to get it to start. It's worse in cold weather. Someday I will have it all tuned correctly. :shrug:
No this is the one with the Millenia ECU and MAF Swap.

I finally got 2 new codes this morning though:
P0105 Map/Baro Circuit Malfunction
P1195 Manufacturer Control Fuel Air Metering

I had a spare EGR Boost Sensor and I swapped out the Syl. for the FPR Vaccum and they did not come back and this time every time I started the car she jumped to life just as she was supposed to. Maybe... Just MAYBE I have finally gotten it solved... but we will not know until tomorrow morning.
As far as I know its running just fine now it started right up in the morning after this and she has not complained to me so I think so lol.
battery no?
Battery? No the VRIS Type Syl going to the FPR was bad and the Boost Sensor might have been I swapped it out anyway.
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