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WTT: Honda Prelude for MX-6

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I sold my MX-6 along time ago. and now I WANT IT BACK! :(

I have a PERFECT CONDITION Black 92 Honda Prelude i will trade for one.

this car is the perfect platform for a turbo applacation with its low compression F22A1 engine.

its 100% STOCK. nothing has ever been done to it, and it has had its regular oil changes. MAX Life oil only.

the inside is flawless! i wipe the dash down with Egeal one claner EVERY DAY.

i'll have pics soon.

if anyone wants to trade there MX6 for this prelude, let me know!

I'm in Lexington Kentucky.
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Post pics and all that, and specs and details, and I'll decide if it's worth it! The only major thing wrong with my 6 is a bad knock at about 3,500 rpm. Other than that, it's in good shape. '95 MX-6 LS, 5-speed, tan leather, ruby red metallic paint, 6 cd changer in trunk, it DOES have high milage though, at 190,000 miles. The stereo kinda sucks. There's a crack in the windshield, but it's really just those minor things wrong with it. It's not a piece of shit, so if you're interested, send me a PM and I'll send you some pics.
my girlfriend is really interseted in a trade. get back to me ASAP
I cant get my stupid Digi cam to work!!!!111111 :-(

for real, if your interested call me at: 859-537-7619
and we will figure out a way for you to come and see it.
it sits in Lexington Kentucky off Tates Creek Rd.

right now i use it to take my g/f back and forth to work. she's trying to save up enough money to buy it off of me.

i bought this car used for $3,900 from an older lady, she bought it new.

i have an Eclipse GSX that is my project car, so i don't need this one. but i really REALLY want a Mazda MX-6 agin.

i'll try to get pictures tomorrow.
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Whoever called me on the phone, and told me your email address - could you send me it agin in a PM? then i will send you some pics of the prelude
do you still have the car and are you still looking for a trade i have a 1995 ls 5 speed 143000 miles headers, new o2 sencers, punched cat, newer stalk cat back, new clutch, tranny with 66 thousand miles, new cranck sencer, massair flow sencer, throttle positing sencer, and distribior cap and roter!!!! comes with new water pump, timing belt and tensioners!!! do to the fact that the timing belt jump just needs replaced... you can email me back at [email protected]
Why would you want an MX6 since you have a GSX
the GSX is my race car. the prelude is my DD. i want a new DD. and i love the look of the mx-6.

i would perfere the car to be stock.
5 speed.
4 or 6 cyl, dosn't matter.
i got a 95 mx-6 I4 5 speed with 116700 miles.
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