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xedos 9's?

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got the chance of a mint condish xedos 9 cam belt snapped but engines no good, 90 tho mint condish grey leather climate control, 17 inch tsw's upreaded suspention, looks smart as for 200 they had it 6 years, should i buy it? no tax or mot but cleanest one ive ever seen shame its an auto
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They are all autos.. they don't make many luxury cars with manual boxes, if any..

Did it have the 2.5 or the 2.3 miller?

They are very good cars, but didn't have the badge as a luxury motor, so didn't sell well..
much better than a lot of so called luxury cars from Germany, but pricewise, not as competitive back then..

As to whether to buy it of not, that would be your decision matey.. bear in mind the cost of fitting another engine, as it won't come cheap..

its the 2.5 the engine looks exactly the same as the mx6 just with a different inlet, ide take the heads off and do the valves, it still runs but not well.

im very tempted but might be a bit silly as my pajero broke the cam belt yesterday should be fixing that, altho thats still under garantee as only had cam belt done 8 weeks ago, cant trust garages these days
i would have thought, for similar money to buying that and fixing it up, you could get one in as good a condition. I have seen loads round here, cheap, and all have been pretty darn nice. V6 ones too.
Xedos9 Clive..... only ever had a V6.. 2.5KL-DE or 2.3KJ-ZEM

John What was the difference between the milller 2.3 and 2.5, am i thinking right the 2.3 was better? Adrian
2.3 was the "special" Miller cycle engine, used smaller capacity engine but came up with similar performance, you know Mazda, loved to play with different engines around ten years ago!

"A traditional Otto cycle engine uses four "strokes", of which two can be considered "high power" – the compression stroke (high power consumption) and power stroke (high power production). Much of the internal power loss of an engine is due to the energy needed to compress the charge during the compression stroke, so systems that reduce this power consumption can lead to greater efficiency.

In the Miller cycle, the intake valve is left open longer than it would be in an Otto cycle engine. In effect, the compression stroke is two discrete cycles: the initial portion when the intake valve is open and final portion when the intake valve is closed. This two-stage intake stroke creates the so called "fifth" cycle that the Miller cycle introduces. As the piston initially moves upwards in what is traditionally the compression stroke, the charge is partially expelled back out the still-open intake valve. Typically this loss of charge air would result in a loss of power. However, in the Miller cycle, this is compensated for by the use of a supercharger. The supercharger typically will need to be of the positive displacement (Roots or Screw type) type due to its ability to produce boost at relatively low engine speeds. Otherwise, low-rpm torque will suffer."

Miller cycle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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ive said to the guy ill have it, am i right in thinking then that the 2.5 is just a normall mx6 engine, think ide look in to fixing the engine in it tho, never seen another like this one, its got all the supercharged susspention and nice 17's
nice one, good luck man, hope it works out!
Just to add to Steve's post...

The 2.3 L (80.30 mm bore 74.20 mm stroke, 2255 cc) KJ-ZEM is one of Mazda's most technologically advanced engines. It employs the "Miller cycle" which uses a supercharger to decrease compression losses and increase power. It was used in the T-platform cars. The supercharger used is the twin-screw type with electronic boost control. Power output was 217 hp (162 kW) and 210 ft·lbf (280 N·m). The KJ-ZEM was on the Ward's 10 Best Engines list for 1995 through 1998.

Basically, it is said that this engine has the power of a 3.0l V6, but with the economy of a 2.0l engine.. you will see from the figures, it is even more powerful than the KL-ZE.. (199 hp (149 kW) and 165 ft·lbf (224 Nm).)

My thoughts were at one time to see if this could be fitted to a 6.. although bear in mind that this engine was only ever mated to an auto transmission.. so the ECU may have to be "fettled"

The 2.5 KL from what I have read, is the KL-ZE... but I wouldn't take that as gospel for the UK market..
Looking on autotrader, they vary from £975 - £2395

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ideal thanks for that, shame its not the supercharger one, its the 2.5, he said the cam belt went he put a new one on but does not run right, he's a mate hes had it 6 or 7 years, i guess worst thing is bent valves, how can i tell, will it be heads off to find out?
If you want my opinion.... maybe the valve timing is a notch or two out...

There may be no damage to the engine... check the engine numbers as well if you can.. just to confirm if it is a ZE or not..

i thought it was a ze as the inlet manifold looks like one, i cant collect it probably till the weekend as waiting for a cam belt to arrive for my 4x4 need that to tow it home.

are they imports? when i looked under the back it looked like it had a rear steering rack so might be 4 wheel steering, not had a proper look yet
They definitely did a 4WS model, but I don't know if we got it in the UK..

Everything on them were a higher spec than normal Mazda's.. this was the flagship...
Better plastics, thicker paint, closer panel fitting etc

They were going to be sold under the "Amati" brand... sort of like Lexus/Toyota, Acura/Honda, Infinity/Nissan the luxury models... but as Mazda were having problems with finance at the time, they dropped the Amati banner, and released it as a Eunos800/Millenia/Xedos9 depending on location..

just got it home, its not a j spec engine, normall uk, not tried to start it as my jump packs dead, matey said it wont start when u turn it over it sounds wrong, but does turn over ok, how do i check for bent valves, take inlet off for a look?
If it turns over ok, use a compression tester..

a good reading on all 6 will save you stripping it..

ok its not well, turned over like just a starter turning, put a compression tester on, did not need too really could hear by the sound, none on any cylinder, well about 25, should be 200, so obviously heads off hopefully bottom ends good
Hopefully it's not as bad as it sounds...
well my minds going back to timing off as its not clanking when turning over and all the cylinders are equall compression of about 25,
This is possible... I was going to say the cambelt had snapped, but you said it runs (badly)
valve timing is probably first on the list..

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