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well i sit here almost in tears as i hydroplaned my car last fri and put my MX out of commision temporerally. as i was taking my front end appart i was looking at my headlights trying to figure out how to get the yellowing out.... and believe me ive tried it all..... the meguiers stuff and everything else out there for the lights, and it still turns yellow. i tried something different, i had some clear coat laying around and i sprayed it on the lights..... WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! they look new, still with a slight yellow tint but not foggy and hazzy, nice and shiny like a pair of glass lenses. anyone tryin to get rid of that ****ty yellow look, try this and let me know what you guys think.

must remove the head lights from the car....
for faster curring bake the lights at 250 for 10 mins.....
yeah i know sownds like ur making a cake =)
DriVE IT LikE yOu StOlE IT!!!
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