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Yet another weird, possibly stock spoiler...

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Found it on one for sale on eBay. Gonna message the seller and ask if it's stock, or if they know or not. Even if it isn't, it could pass as it, and we'd have another option for a spoiler, and still a stockish 6.

Might even be similar to how you have to order the lip spoiler, even though it was made by Mazda, but you never really saw it on them from the dealership, if at all...
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Looks like a ZX2 spoiler.

Oddly a few ZX2's were equipped with "JDM" "euro" style MX-6 wings.

Identical to the stock LS wing but it lacks the center light like euro and jap cars.
Mx3 spoiler. for sure. not the "gs" canadian wrap around but thats what it is
The MX-3 spoiler dosnt mount on pedistals.
The MX-3 spoiler dosnt mount on pedistals.
That's what I thought. Almost looks like someone mounted some pillars on the lip spoiler and slapped it on.

I dunno, I figured it may have been some odd accessary as it has a third brake light from the looks of it in the rear window. Although, could very well have originally been spoilerless, or something.

I personally think it should be brought back to be flush with the edge of the trunk at least, whichever spoiler it may really be.

*Still haven't asked the owner...*
its a stock zx2 escort wing
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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