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you mentioned that you got the shifter to montreal?

was that ordered from probesport? and it was 160.00 canadian after everything?
how did you pay them? how long did it take to arrive and how did they ship it to you?
I really want one but im sceptical since ive never done a net purchase before :/
i want to try the paypal thing or do you recommend using a credit card? lemme know ..
i emailed them asking them stuff but they havent gotten back to me yet... this makes me even more nervous aobout giving them my money
any info you got is greatly appreciated :)


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Don't worry about them, they are just busy that's all. They will eventually get back to you. I ordered a PRD rear strut bar using paypal and now I ordered the STS and it came out to $160 like BJ :) said.

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Yea, it may take a while to get one. I know that Ken(Probesport) is always really busy, but don't worry about sending him your money, you will get the shifter and in my opinion it was well worth the wait. I ordered mine using my credit card through paypal. I had no problems at all. Anyways, let me know if you have any other questions or concerns! good luck!

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