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More Horsepower Tricks!!

Free Horses

Use these tricks to gain horsepower for free or at nearly no cost. Cars now a days are designed to be very gas efficient. Therefore, some parts of the car can be very restrictive when it comes to maximum power production..

1.The first thing that you can do is drop the stock muffler. You will get more power through no muffler than your original restricted one. We wouldn't recommend doing this for street use but, at the drag strip, it can prove useful.

2. Take the factory intake system out. Can you see the little hole that your car is getting air out of? Just un-strap the levers and leave half the air box open. You will get a horse that way. Don't do this for street use though. Airborne particles could get into your engine and do some serious harm. What we do here at Racing Extreme is take the air filter and strap it to the top half of the airbox so your engine is still getting filtered air. It just doesn't have to pull it through a tiny hole.

3. Use fully synthetic oil. It has been dyno proven that Redline oil and Royal purple motors oils will give your car 1-2 horses.

4. Take off belt driven accessories, such as your power steering pump and ac condenser. Your engine uses power to drive these items. When removing belts, make sure the belt you are removing doesn't power any required accessories such as the water pump. If your cooling fan is driven off the engine, you should replace it with a electric fan. Doing this has just about the same effect as adding lightweight pulls to your engine. Electric fans can net you as much as 10 hp.

5. Advancing the timing a couple of degrees can give you some more power. Make sure that you use the highest octane level available unless you want to see your car pee. When advancing, make sure you listen for pinging.

6. Weight reduction is a good way to run faster. For example. drive with less gas. Gas weights about 8 pounds for every gallon in your tank. Driving with 1 gallon of gas can give you up to 7 horses. Also pull your spare tire out. The spare in your car weights around 32 pounds. Every 100 pounds you take off your car kills about .10 off of your 1/4 mile.

7. Bypass throttle body coolant lines. Have you ever noticed that there are coolant lines running through the throttle body? When the engine is warmed up, coolant running through the throttle body can actually heat the incoming air causing it to loose density. Less density equals less power. Less power is bad.
8. Cold air intake you can make yourself will net you power gains. Get some dryer hose, run it from an outside air source right up to your intake.

Little Bastard,
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