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Ze Cams & Probinator Chip

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Im selling my set of Ze Cams and probinator chip. The cams are in good condition. They are wrapped in plastic bags and coated in oil to prevent rust.

The Probinator chip is not installed. I have both the Xtreme ecu and Probinator chip. When i wanted to try them both, i just swapped the chip with Xtremes' and Probinators. Worked well. It is for a De with Ze intake. You feel a smoother curve and Ze vris points. You dont have to wait for him to make it. Youll have it in a couple days. I've only used it for two days. Only swapped chippes Twice to try it out. I plan on getting a ze later so im just gonna keep the Xtreme unit.

4 Cams 200 shipped-OBO
Probinator Chip 40 shipped
225 shipped for both

............all pins in good condition.

****Xtreme chip not for sale. just illustration on what i swapped Probinator with.****
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Cams Sold, Still Have Probinator Chip
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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